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    So we need to find solution for old servers.

    solution is close old servers and open new one please, new rules not going to happen and make no sense, you are not noob forever, noob protection for a month is crazy it is a war game! So if noob is protected for a month on x10 server he can trek all villages he wants and can't be attacked? It is so stupid.

    I want new server because old servers are dead. We need new servers for revive the game. it is more likely there is a new server than your new rule which not going to happen. You are not boss here so I can discuss if I want

    hello black star,

    what is bug on village name? I see no bug with village name and I see no bug in old servers. Explain please thanks you


    agree we needs new server but I don't understand new rule. Players can't attack when noob protection is on so new rule not really a change or maybe I don't understand.

    Sorry my english is not good for understand this

    no bash rule on game, no exist so no need complaining. Canons allowed by game

    all server dead because no bash rule so no noob cannot play. please new server open