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    The link you posted does not mean anything to anyone else, but you because it is related to your own login details.

    Please make a screenshot of your error so we can see it.

    actually i DID miss 8 hours of progress

    I'm afraid that this is not possible. There was no rollback at all, since the server was launched.

    You see that you could not login, but this can have several causes. You are not directly linked to the servers, you pass through several switches, servers, other devices that maintain the network and several services.

    You also say you saw something very different in 2 moments of time. which you do not know exactly. Well, imagine logs with millions of records "around 4am". Without a more precise moment you are looking for a needle in the haystack.

    How do you justify bandit village that became normal afterwards??

    It may be a glitch, but it also may be a fraction of a second delay between becoming a bandit and the owner activating the account.

    In order to maintain a 24/24 server online, 3 backups of the database are made every day, 8 hours apart.

    A backup lasts only 1-2 minutes but during this backup the database engine is stopped to preserve the database integrity and you cannot play.

    If a huge problem appears (hardware crash for example) the game is restored from this backup and this means it can be 8 hours old.

    You didn't miss 8 hours, so a restore wasn't performed.

    What can happen on your side during this time. You try to play and a faulty page is loaded in the memory of your browser. Depending of the browser, cookies, cache size and other factors, you cannot load the correct page unless you do some things like:

    - force reload the page with CTRL+F5

    - clear cache and cookies and restart browser after that

    This can also happen if there are bottlenecks in the network at some point in time.

    You cannot control any of these, so the only option is to start fresh.

    If this happens again to you, please make screenshots in which exact date and time are displayed, along with the error.

    Right now we are looking for a possible problem, at a possible time and a "something like that" error. Not enough info to identify anything, sorry.

    Currently open servers on UK community:

    s18 - Buffalo Creek (speed server x10) - opened 30.01.2018

    s19 - Rio Lobo (speed server x10) - opened 24.04.2018

    s20 - High Noon (speed server x10) - opened 10.08.2018

    s21 - Giant Ridge (speed server x10) - opened 20.11.2018

    Applications are currently OPEN


    Thank you for your interest in becoming a Game Operator. This thread will give you information on what a Game Operator does, the requirements for applying to be a Game Operator, and how to apply.

    What is a Game Operator?

    Game Operators are the enforcers of the Game Rules and they are the first line of support for users with problems. You would be helping users with Game problems, discussing any issues or concerns they have, and checking players for breaches of the rules.

    Its also worth remembering that a Game Operator is just like you! We have Game Operators who are 18 years old, others who are 50, male and female, students and finance professionals. There really are no limits or restrictions on what kind of person can join the team.

    Game Operators are assigned to specific worlds where you have no connections in-game to ensure impartiality. Game Operators are also volunteers.

    This sounds complicated!
    Game Operators are provided with a wealth of information and tools, so you do not need any previous knowledge of IT or technical matters. Training and detailed manuals are provided on all of the tools and technical issues you may come across. It is assumed that all new Game Operators have no technical knowledge.

    What are the requirements?

    • You must be 18 years old. (This is for legal reasons.)
    • 2 hours a day free
    • You must be willing to use IRC. (No previous use of IRC is required.)
    • You must be a good team worker, accepting positive feedback and criticism from other members of the team.
    • You should be able to work independently as well as part a team.
    • Having a helpful and easy going personality.
    • A good working knowledge of the Game Rules.

    How to apply!

    If you meet the above requirements, then you should send your application! You need to demonstrate why you think you will be a good Game Operator candidate. It should be a minimum of 300 words. If you are stuck on what to write, here are some things to consider:

    • Some personal details.
    • Board account nickname.
    • Wildguns servers that you have played and are currently playing.
    • If you were banned in the past on boards or in-game, what for.
    • Why we should hire you.
    • What actually motivates you to apply.
    • Wildguns experience at as well as other communities.
    • Experience in other Games and Communities.

    Your application text must be at least 300 words. If it is not then your application will be rejected without consideration!.

    To submit your application, send an email to

    We aim to reply to all applications within 7 days, although you will most likely get a reply within 72 hours. If you have not received a reply within 7 days, please send a board PM to a Game Administrator.

    What happens next?

    If you are rejected:

    The most common cause for rejection is your application did not meet the 300 word requirement. If you submitted an application that was 300 words and it was rejected, you can contact a Game Administrator for a detailed reason for rejection.

    If you are accepted:

    You will be invited for an interview with a Game Admin. You will be asked some rule questions to check your knowledge and you may be asked details of your play history. This is a completely informal interview, not a job interview! This is a VOLUNTARY job. If this goes well then you will be accepted onto the team.

    Thank you again for your interest in this position, we look forward to your application!

    War and Diplomacy Rules

    The War and Diplomacy sections is one in which alliances can declare changes within them, for other users to comment on. These changes will concentrate on War and Diplomacy (Alliances and/or NAPs)

    When making a new thread:

    • Make sure what you are posting is a War or Diplomatic change in your alliance; if it's not or you're not sure, then post it on the General Talk section for your server.

    When posting a reply:

    • Make sure your replies are relevant to the topic, off topic replies will be warned.
    • Replies should be done in a civil manner and without insults. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in a warning, this includes, but is not limited to, insults aimed at staff.
    • Content, links, user Names etc. with the only aim to flame and insult other participants of the community are forbidden. Same goes for trolling: posts solely intended to annoy other people or incite flames.

    What will Mods do here?

    • The War and Diplomacy Mods reserve the right to draw the line between the usual online trash talk, and insults made towards other players.
    • Board rules apply as usual.

    Note: The Administrator Staff reserves the right to change these rules at any time

    Last Change: March 17, 2010

    Alliance Introduction Rules

    The Alliance Introduction section is meant for leaders and diplomats to advertise their alliance to people who might be interesting in joining. As such, only relevant information will be allowed, any other will be treated as Spam. When making a new thread:

    • Make sure you use the following format:
      • Title of the thread must include the alliance name. Tag is optional.
      • The post must have:
        • Alliance Name
        • Alliance Tag
        • Founder(s) of Alliance or her Leader(s)
        • Contact person(s) or diplomat(s)
        • Brief description of Alliance


    • Current Number of Members
    • Current Allies
    • Current Enemies/Wars.. etc.
    • Only one introduction thread per alliance.

    When posting a reply:

    • You can only make a new reply if you hold a position of leadership in the alliance. You can:
      • Advertise it (a.k.a Bump it)
      • Announce new diplomatic agreements (NAP’s/Alliances)
      • Announce any change in head of alliance, leader, diplomat (This is vital info for Moderators, so they can be informed, also if this happens write a PM to a Moderator who will edit the first post)
    • There will be no discussion on alliance introductions, replies by users whose names are not on the first post will be warned.

    What will Mods do here?

    • The Alliance Introduction Mods reserve the right to close threads of dissolved alliances.
    • Warns will be issued to any reply enticing a discussion on these threads.
    • Board rules apply as usual.

    Note: The Administrator Staff reserves the right to change these rules at any time

    Last Change: March 17, 2010

    To all Users.

    As a result of several attempts to impersonate staff members, the Wildguns team would like to remind all players to be extremely vigilant of certain messages that request you to enter into certain sites that has no connections to GameForge sites, and/or to request for your real name and your passwords, or email addresses.

    • We will never ask you to download or install any software to play the game.
    • Our email addresses are our staff names followed by Example:
    • Official emails from GameForge will always end in
    • Do not give your password to staff members. They DO NOT need passwords.

    • Keep different passwords for ingame account, board account and email account.
    • Do not click on unknown links sent to you, or links that resemble anything to the wildguns board or the Wildguns game or Wildguns staff members.
    • Do not log into third party websites where it asks for your ingame, board or email account nicks and passwords.
    • Any surveys or requests to enter into Gameforge sites will be announced here on the boards or sent via special ingame announcements, and will not be sent to players without advanced information or warning.

    If you are ever in doubt as to whether a message is genuine or not, you are welcome to contact any staff member using our official emails or via the support tool and we will be able to tell you if it is real or not.

    In case you already used the links you received change immediately all your passwords (game account, board, email, other accounts if passwords are similar)

    Please be careful,

    Your Wildguns Team