• Actually, DiesIrae's behaviour is ignoble. How can a person sit 24/7 in front of his computer and bash newbies, claming to be the winner of a server???

    Bashing small players in this way is regarded as honourless, normally. Unfortunately programmers of the WG game failed by protecting small players against rude attacks. I believe all programmers left, as there are no updates any more. I'm playing at many servers since a long time. You find the same situation everywhere: the servers are almost done as there is no balance in the game.

    Strong players - regardless if the play well or not - gather in a leading alliance and bash away what comes up as competitor. Sad, as the idea of this game is charming.

    Another hint that there is no proper programming any more is that they make extra rules (somewhere hidden in extra posts) about the length of village names plus allowed characters.

    So this rules allows 12 characters only since programm states 40! Besides punctation marks are restricted - rule, what is a standard character depends on the GO's "feeling"...

    The main concern of the GO at US servers seems to be to take care of proper village names!

    The new rules were made as some maniacs used very long village names with confusing characters in order to make it complicated to attack or to block attacks.

    Permanent bans for marginial violation of such strict, inconsistant rules are completely disproportionate. I know may good players, that have been treated strictly and evicted by that!

    But DiesIrae, threating newbies by telling them: "stop playing, don't waste your time - this is my server - I'm the winner" is free to do what he wants.

    I believe erinshore as GO should think about his or her approach, as this is destroying the game and not

    in the spirit of the inventor. Doing a job voluntary must not be an excuse for doing things questionable and for blocking any contrary opinion.


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  • erinshore,

    I'm sorry that you deleted your answer, since I'm interested in your opinion...

    My thread was absolutely not meant as an abuse in your direction! But for thought, as things might go wrong.

  • That is why we need a new server!

    If rules are not changed - at least unwritten law is respected that you don't bash small players and never bomb somebody in a way that he can't continue playing - this wouldn't help

  • If you are looking for a real player, check out the US9 : DiesIrae.

    This player using canons on player after 24 hours of game and he is writing tickets everytime he can.

    I just post that to remember your name :love:

    I will remember too.

    As for the rules and administration, there is nothing to talk about. One big mafia.

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  • no bash rule on game, no exist so no need complaining. Canons allowed by game

    all server dead because no bash rule so no noob cannot play. please new server open

  • Olaf says all: Admins prefer to write a rule to limit the village name but nothing about the protection of new players.

    All players can change the name of his village and use the « bug » but new player can’t play when the server is longer than one year.

    Admins probably prefer to see no bugs on village name and dead servers :)

    Thank you Olaf you say it in a better way than I did!