• When will there finally be a speed x1 server opened ?

    Sorry for posting here.. Do not know how to open a new topic.. :/

    Will there ever be a server where all of Europe is invited, instead of labeling every server with only one country.

    Labeling it EUROPE would attract more players to a single server and make the game more fun and popular.

    Time zones are not an issue here, language issues could be easily overcomed and overall benifits of these changed are not to be ignored.

    Please comment and share,

    Opinions and standpoints of players and developers on the subject are greatly appriciated.

    Kind Regards

    OMG K

  • Hi...

    I came here to write the exact same thing. The suggestion of an European Server, like the test servers that gameforge usually have for many of their games (like Ikariam).

    Most of the new servers are dead even before they open. So an alternative to that would be a "united server" where all the few active players around a certain location/region (like Europe), play on the same server, bringing the joy and healthy addiction to this game that we had a few years ago.

    The speed should be at least x5.

    But please, make this a suggestion to the game operation board. Get this to Gameforge. They would win way more with a simple and no needed investment change with this!

    Thank you

    Best regards from Portugal