How to name your settlements properly

  • Dear community,

    As you may be aware by now, the game team changed the rules about village names in September 2017 after repeated complaints from users. As a result here is a reminder of what is or is not allowed:

    - The name must be 12 characters long max (you can choose a name from 3 to 12 characters max).

    - Use letters and numbers exclusively (Latin alphabet only, no symbols, no funny characters etc)

    - You may not repeat a letter more than once (e.g "aa" but not "aaa"). However you may repeat numbers more than twice.

    - You may use common punctuation (what you would use to normally write a sentence in English: commas, question marks, dashes etc)

    - You may use capital letters

    Remember that the name of your villages must be seen completely by the user you are attacking. Hence pay attention when you hit the space bar, a blank between two words counts as a character! It is strictly forbidden to try to disturb the interface of the game by using overlong village names. However, as it is a strategy game, you are allowed to name your villages exactly the same. Please use common sense and be fair !

    Your WildGuns Team