• The username/nickname/alliance name shouldn’t offend common decency. Offensive nicknames are not tolerated.

    • Multi-accounts are not allowed. Each player can have only one account per server. In case a player has more than one in the same server, the accounts will be banned.

    • Accounts can’t be shared or played by more than one person. A user can’t under any circumstances use the log-in data of another user. Users are obliged to keep their log-in data strictly confidential.

    • The use of proxies, bots, scripts, cheats or any other kind of manipulative interference in the game is not allowed.

    • RMT (real money trading) is forbidden. The user may under no circumstances buy, sell or swap virtual objects that are used in online games for "real" money.

    • Regarding the communication facilities (in-game messages, boards, etc.), the user is not allowed to publish content that violates the law, is improper or immoral, violates trademarks/copyrights, is obscene, racist, violent, pornographic, abusive, or defamatory, contains personal data, or falsely suggests that it is provided or supported by Gameforge.

    • The language of the respective server is always and only country based. (e.g. english on UK servers, german on german servers and so on). The official board language is english except in the respective

      country subsections.

    • More information can be found in our Terms and Conditions which also apply.